Dancing to science

Making dance and music with friends


Choreographed by Subathra Subramaniam. Dancers: Kamala Devam, Elena Jacinta, Anusha Kedhar and Johanna Devi.

This collaboration with Suba resulted in “The Shiver” which represents a sensation between delight and anxiety, between dance and spoken word – a performance waiting for a spine to tingle. The piece combines dance, music, image and spoken word in an interdisciplinary performance in which three dancers explore the scientific and emotional reasoning behind why we shiver – and why it can be through pleasure or pain.
… The Shiver is the first production from new dance company Sadhana. Set up by Suba, Sadhana derives from the Sanskrit word for the pursuit of a spiritual goal, combining perfection of execution with study and reflection, and represents Suba’s vision for the company’s role in 21st century British dance – the “purpose for which we have come to this place”. Suba’s choreography which draws from the rich vocabulary of Bharata Natyam, a South Indian classical dance form, aims to be thought-provoking, visually charming and entertaining.