Upcoming talks

... in 2023

TRINITy term 2023

Most Tuesdays at 2pm in Term, we will host a hybrid talk that will take place in person in the upstairs seminar room at Stoke House, Oxford OX3 9BX, as well as online on zoom. 

Upcoming talks:

(Full list available here)

Week 4, May 16th
“Signals from the Brain: A Tale of Dynamics and Networks”
Professor Dimitri van der Ville, EPFL, Switzerland

Week 4, May 18th
“How major depressive disorder impacts on human flourishing and ways to proceed”
Professor Eric Ruhe, Radboud University, Holland

Week 5, May 23rd
“Leonardo and the turbulence of mind”
Professor Gustavo Deco, UPF, Barcelona, Spain

Week 6, May 30th
“Oscillatory modes at the basis of a brain melody in health and disease”
Dr Joana Cabral, University of Minho, Portugal

Week 9, June 21st (note: Wednesday)
“A Love That Kills”
Anna Motz